Building Choices

Every wood has its own beauty—and its own set of pros for choosing it. Different woods are right for different types of projects. Whether it’s the exterior of a home, interior paneling, flooring, or ceilings, the wood experts at Heartwood Mills can help you select the right wood for your project and style. We offer a full line of milled wood products ranging from our favorite, Northern White Cedar, to White Pine, Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Maple, hardwood flooring and more.

Learn a little bit more about why we think Northern White Cedar is a superior building product. Read about the comparison between Northern White Cedar, Western Red Cedar and Pine.

Northern White Cedar vs. Western Red Cedar

Northern White Cedar vs. Pine

Understanding Wood Products

When considering a wood or log home building project it is critical to understand the different qualities and limitations of the wood species you wish to use. If you have been around any woodworkers you will find that not all woods are equal. Let us tell you a little more.

Understanding Wood for Building Purposes

Kiln Drying


Find more details about Heartwood Mills’ products or why White Cedar is a preferred building product.

Why Choose White Cedar




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