Heartwood Mills offers a robust foot long sample box that allows you to take a real look at the quality and craftsmanship of our milled products. You will be especially pleased to discover the time and money savings our tongue & groove and end-matched products will provide.

sample-boxEach box includes:

• Wood Comparison Brochure

• 3”x 8” Hand Hewn Northern White Cedar or White Pine Log Siding (end matched)

• 2”x 8” Hand Hewn White Pine or White Cedar Log Siding (end matched)

• 1 1/4” Hand Hewn Northern White Cedar Trim (non-end matched)

• 1”x 6” Northern White Cedar T&G Paneling (end matched)

• 1”x 6” White Pine T&G Paneling (end matched)

Each sample box is $15 plus shipping. The $15 cost of the sample box is credited towards your first purchase within the next six months!

To order a sample box, fill out the form below and we will give you a call back to take payment. Or give us a call directly at 888.829.5909.

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