Removing moisture to a point of stabilization is achieved through kiln drying.

The process of kiln drying is an important step in the processing of Heartwood Mills milled wood building materials. We insist that our materials are dried to very specific moisture contents. This is why we have installed the same kind of kilns used in the furniture business. his ensures that our moulding and planing processes are accurate, thus producing the highest quality milled wood products available.

In addition, kiln drying eliminates the problems associated with “air drying”. Since our products are dried under controlled conditions, we are able to reduce the amount of defects that occur during the process. Once the siding products are dried to specific moisture levels consistent with their end use, we are able to visually inspect the wood and remove any defect that may have occurred during this phase.

Wood changes in dimensions as it dries to its “equilibrium point.” With Heartwood Mills building products, this process occurs in our kiln versus on your house, thus eliminating checking, warping, and shrinkage after installation.

Heartwood Mills has two large kilns. Each will dry approximately 70000 bd ft of material. The kiln drying process takes from four days to three weeks depending on the size of the Cedar or White Pine we are drying and how much moisture is contained in the wood when it is loaded into the kiln. It takes time, but it is critical that your wood is properly dried in our kilns and not on your home.

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