Railings, spindles and newel posts are all important elements of a staircase, balcony or interior lofted space. Together, they make these areas safer, giving your family and guests support as they walk upstairs and reducing the risk of falls. Railings are so important, in fact, that building codes require them. And since you have to install posts and railings, why not make them stylish?

The right railings, spindles and newel posts can become decorative accents throughout your home. Paying careful attention to these details can transform a standard staircase into a statement piece, or a balcony into the focal point of the house. At Heartwood Mills, we specialize in railings, spindles and newel posts created from hand-hewn Northern White Cedar.  However, we can supply these items in Pine and other wood species as well.

Specialty Railings and Posts

Cedar Twig Railings
Our twig cedar railings are truly works of art. Our skilled craftspeople create them using Cedar twigs gathered from the Cedar bogs near our mill in northern Michigan. No twig cedar railing is ever the same. Each one is custom designed and crafted for indoor and outdoor applications.

Cedar Posts
Hand-hewn Cedar posts can provide structure support while lending style to your indoor spaces. If you’re looking for added character and visual interest, our flare butt posts enhance the natural look and feel of a log home. Natural flare bottom cedar posts, which resemble the base of a tree, make a statement at the base of a staircase.

Cedar Newel Posts, Interior

Hand hewn newel posts used for interior rail systems.

  • White Cedar
  • Interior or exterior applications

Finished sizes: 5-6″ and 7-8″ diameters in 4′ and 5′ lengths

Cedar Railings, Interior

Use our hand hewn Cedar rails to accent porches, decks or on interior rail systems.

  • White Cedar
  • Interior or exterior applications

Finished sizes: 3-4″ or 5-6″ diameters in 8, 10 and 12′ lengths with a flat for spindle application or round profile for custom applications

Cedar Twig Railings, Interior

Add a unique look to railing systems with custom designed and crafted twig rails.

  • White Cedar
  • Accent interior or exterior railing system

Custom sizes available

Flare Butt Cedar Posts, Interior

The unique characteristics of a natural flare bottom post add to the charm in any application from porch to staircase or even as as a vertical house corner.

  • White Cedar
  • Interior or exterior applications

Finished Size: Custom made to specifications

Cedar Posts, Interior

Provide structural support and style with our hand hewn posts.

  • White Cedar
  • Interior or exterior applications

Finished sizes: 5″-6″ diameter to 10″-12″ diameter; lengths 8′ to 14′

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