Tongue and groove paneling adds character, warmth and charm to any room. Whether you want a rustic look or an upscale elegant design, you can achieve it with Northern White Cedar or White Pine tongue and groove paneling.

White Cedar wall paneling has a warm, luxurious glow to it. Whether you’re just using Cedar wall paneling on an accent wall or filling your whole home with the natural look of Cedar, Heartwood Mills supplies the highest quality Cedar wall paneling in the US, and we ship around the world.

Our Cedar wall paneling is pre-sanded and ready for a finish, which saves you time and money and results in a better-looking end-product. We’re happy to advise you about pre-finish options and take care of arrangements for you to get the pre-finish of your choice.

All of our Cedar paneling comes tongue and grooved and end-matched for easy installation. Choose from rough sawn or smooth finishes to complement your design.

If you are interested in receiving pre-finished Cedar paneling for your project, we can do that. We have the ability to pre-finish all of our Cedar wall paneling products with essentially any color of your choice. We work with several stain manufactures to be sure we can accommodate every need as far as color, price, quality, etc. And with the pre-finish shop just located a mile away from our mill, the Cedar wall paneling process is seamless and the turnaround time is quick.

White Pine paneling is like a chameleon. Whether your home has a traditional log cabin look or a more modern design, Pine paneling can range from rustic to sleek to any style in-between. Boasting similar benefits to Pine log siding, tongue and groove Pine paneling is the preferred choice for homeowners seeking the versatility of Pine building products without sacrificing character or savings.

Heartwood Mills offers rough sawn or smooth Pine paneling to suit any project style. Our Pine paneling comes tongue-and-grooved with end-matching. These smaller end-matched pieces are easy to install, create visual appeal and reduce material and time waste to help keep project schedules moving and save money. Our end-matching process also removes defects in the wood, such as knots, that could affect the integrity of the final product. Learn more about end-matching and the benefits of using end-matched wood building products.

1×6 White Cedar Paneling

  • Available in smooth and rough sawn
  • Tongue and groove end-matched
  • Sanded ready for staining and easy installation

Finished Size: 3/4″ x 5 1/4″, random lengths

1×6 Smooth White Pine Paneling

  • Tongue and groove end-matched
  • Sanded ready for staining and easy installation

Finished Size: 3/4″ x 5 1/4″, random lengths

1×6 V Joint White Pine Paneling

  • Tongue and groove V joint (WP4)
  • Non end-matched

Finished Size: 8′ – 16′,  random lengths

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