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1×8 Pine Paneling

    • Kiln-dried to 8-12% moisture content
    • Tongue and groove end-matched

Grade: This grade allows for knots of any quality, in sizes ranging from 2 3 ⁄8” red knots and 1 3 ⁄4” black knots in a 4” board, to 6” red knots and 4” black knots in a 12” board. Knot holes must be no larger than 1 ⁄4 the width to a maximum of 2”. Holes smaller than the maximum size are allowed, however, within any 8 linear feet the total combined size of the smaller holes must not exceed the maximum size hole allowed. Checks may be 1 ⁄4 the length of the board (not to exceed 3’). Shake can be through, up to 1 ⁄3 the length of the board. Pockets are large. Splits can be twice the width of the board but cannot exceed 1 ⁄6 the length. Edge breaks are allowed. Pitch can be heavy. Allowed stain is heavy. Wane is limited to the back face. Skip is on the reverse face and can be on one edge and is limited to 20% of the pieces. Seams are up to 1 ⁄6 the length of the board. Unsound wood is combined from both faces; If advanced decay is at the maximum allowed of 10% (no more than 1% on the best face) no other decay is allowed on the piece. The grade also permits worm holes.

Finished Size: 5/8″ thickness, in random lengths

Square Foot: 7,000 available

Sale Price: $1.37 per sq ft/$.80 per LF — in stock and ready to ship!

Clearance Products

Recommended for interior uses where a high character appearance is desired with knots and other natural features defining the visual characteristics. Scattered holes are allowed, the grain may be heavily raised, ”pecky” surfaces may exist,  and checks are not limited. 

Though pieces must be serviceable, a 20% of waste per board is allowed and taken into consideration in the pricing. Products in this grade are sold “as is” and are purchased under a no return, no refund, no exchanges policy.

Clearance Notes

We regularly review our inventory and post new clearance products. Please contact us for more information.