A staircase can be the star of your home. It can make a grand statement in an entryway and even add unexpected style to a basement.

At Heartwood Mills, we design and craft custom indoor wooden staircases that are finished to our clients’ specifications, from curved staircases with sweeping lines and organic textures to traditional staircases with polished finishes and cozy landings. You can choose from a variety of wooden staircase materials to suit the look you’re trying to achieve for your log home or cabin, from unique Cedar twig rails and branches to stately half logs and posts.

Because we believe that safety is just as important as style, every wooden staircase system we craft is custom-scribed to meet building code requirements. Or if you’re interested in building your custom wooden staircase yourself, we can supply the components you’ll need to construct it. No matter what, you can expect all of the material to be kiln dried to ensure the look you want while minimizing the potential of checking, warping and other issues associated with air drying wood.

All of our custom wooden staircases can be crafted from Northern White Cedar and White Spruce. Cedar is an especially good option because it is one of the toughest wood species, so your custom wooden staircase will still look great after years of heavy traffic and wear.  

FINISHED SIZE: To your specifications

SPECIES: Northern White Cedar or White Spruce

APPLICATIONS: Interior or exterior

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