Wherever you’re building, from Maine to California or as far away as Japan, Heartwood Mills can supply quality milled wood building products for your project. We are a leading supplier for everything from log siding and paneling to log corners and trusses.

Direct delivery

Heartwood Mills delivers to job sites around the world. In most cases, your order will arrive by flatbed trailer, protected from the weather.

Delivery Policies and Procedures

Our delivery vehicles do not have unloading equipment, so it is your responsibility to make arrangements for a forklift to assist in removing your material. Make sure you have enough people on the job site to assist in unloading.

Your stock will come wrapped and bundled for easy removal, but care must be taken to make sure no damage is incurred. We are obligated to get the material to you free from damage, but any damage that occurs unloading is the customer’s responsibility. If you notice damaged material on the truck, immediately notify the truck driver so he can validate the material loss and let us know what needs to be replaced at no cost to you.

Our materials are carefully examined in the production and loading process, but damage or defects can occur. Do not let the truck driver leave until you have examined the material bunks for obvious damage.

For non-apparent damage that is noted when the bunks are unpacked, you are required to notify your sales representative within 7 days from the date of delivery so a valid claim can be processed and replacement material reshipped at no cost to you.

If our truck cannot make it to the job site due to site conditions (heavy snow, trees, etc.), your material may be unloaded at the nearest possible location you can find.

Please ask your sales representative for a shipping quote and more information about delivery options.

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