Why is Northern White Cedar your tree of choice?

Northern White Cedar is our lumber mill’s wood species of choice for some very good reasons. White Cedar has a unique cellular structure, which makes it very resistant to insects, rot, decay and shrinkage. Its light, consistent coloring holds finishes well. And much like cork, it will not absorb moisture. Cedar is a soft wood, and when combined with our end matching, is easy to work with for custom log cabin siding or any other home project. These characteristics make white cedar the most durable available in the market place. Learn more about the benefits of Northern White Cedar.

Does Heartwood Mills sell wood products that aren’t Northern White Cedar?

Heartwood Mills specializes in Northern White Cedar but we also mill a full range of White Pine, Southern Yellow Pine, Spruce, Fir, and Maple products.

Do log sided and timber homes require a lot of maintenance?

A White Cedar log or timber-crafted home is much less difficult to preserve than wood sided homes that use Pine or Red Cedar products. White Cedar does not have knots that will bleed or decay like Pine products. The only protection you will need is a stain to keep our Cedar products from turning a grey color from ultraviolet light.

There are many good stain choices that can be used, though they will need to be renewed periodically depending on how much sunlight the walls are exposed to. A quick check is to spray water on the surface and look for discoloring. If the water beads, the finish is still providing protection.

Do you supply wood building products outside of Michigan?

Absolutely, we ship material throughout the United States, Canada and even to far-flung places like the Cayman Islands, Thailand and Japan. Don’t let the distance from your jobsite to our mill influence your decision. Remember, quality Northern White Cedar can only be found in the upper Midwest.

Any freight charges you incur will be a very minor cost when compared to your home or commercial project. In addition, we may be able to combine your order with another customer’s delivery to reduce freight costs.

Do you offer pre-finished options?

While we do not pre-finish at our mill, we can arrange for your order to be pre-finished. Once your mill order is completed and paid for, we will ship it directly to the pre-finisher for you.

Why don’t you offer free shipping like your competitors do?

Very few things in life are truly free. Many of our competitors promote free shipping but build the shipping costs into their per square foot price. Heartwood Mills is up front about the cost of our products as well as our shipping costs. If you compare our estimates with one from a competitor, you’ll see that the costs are similar, even though shipping is supposedly free from the competitor.

How long have you been in business?

We started business in 1947 as Boyne Falls Log Homes. In the early 1970’s, the company name was changed to Town & Country Cedar Products. In 2015, the mill was again renamed, this time to Heartwood Mills. We are the second oldest consecutively producing log mill in the United States.

Where can I see your wood building products?

Right here online you can view pictures of our full line of quality wood building products. We have distributors across the United States where you can go to see our products in person. And you’re also welcome to visit our mill in Boyne Falls, MI. Get in touch and we can help you locate the nearest place to see, touch and purchase our products.

Aren’t all mill-direct suppliers the same?

Most definitely not! Only Heartwood Mills offers the finest Northern White Cedar and White Pine available; hand scribed and engineered roof systems, trims and paneling products. Our milled wood building products are superior because we have the ability to control quality throughout every step of the process from log harvesting and drying to milling and packaging for shipment. With our inventory on hand we can quickly supply any products you will need for your log or timber project. Plus, don’t forget the 60+ years of experience.

Is your wood kiln dried?

We will not ship our log home and log siding products until the wood has been kiln dried. White Cedar is a very stable wood but it needs to be kiln-dried so that it does not experience any dimensional changes in the finished material. Air drying or inadequate kiln-drying are not sufficient, and not up to Heartwood’s exacting standards.

Why should I buy mill direct?

You will deal directly with the professionals who actually manufacture your products which reduces the possibility of errors and eliminates the added cost of distribution.


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