Log Siding Delivers Style & Value to Modular Home Remodels

Like all homeowners, modular homeowners are interested in improvements and that increase the value of their homes as well as curb appeal. Often, due to their affordability and quick construction, modular homes lack the details and finishes of traditionally built homes. Adding log siding to a modular home exterior is a simple way to dramatically change the appearance of a modular home, turning it from drab to “wow.”

A plain exterior becomes something special when half log siding or hand hewn siding is applied. Even upon close inspection it can be hard to tell that a modular home clad in log siding isn’t an authentic log home. Log corners ensure that full stack log home look while Cedar trim around to doors and windows provide a polished finish. You could even add a front porch complete with log railings.

Beyond the added aesthetic appeal that log siding creates for a modular home, log siding also improves R-value (the standard calculation to determine energy efficiency), which increases a home’s energy efficiency and reduces heating costs. Log siding is easy to install, especially when you choose Heartwood Mills’ end-matched log siding.

Ongoing maintenance of log siding is minimal which is always a plus for homeowners. Additionally, log siding prevents moisture penetration and stops the growth of mold, dust and bacteria. If you select Northern White Cedar log siding, you’ll get in built-in insect repulsion along with natural decay and moisture resistance. All of these benefits will increase a modular home’s life expectancy and value.

Log Siding Gives Modular Home Interiors an Upgrade Too

Log siding doesn’t have to stay outside. Modular home interiors can also get an upgrade with the creative use of interior log siding or log paneling. Redo the walls of an entire room with Pine or Cedar log siding for a warm, cozy log cabin feel. Or use log paneling on just one wall for a dramatic and stylish accent. Just like on the exterior, wood trim can be used to add a more finished and polished look to a modular home’s interior.

To really add interest and a unique design element to a room, mount the siding horizontally, vertically or even diagonally. For a more rustic look, add visible chinking or plaster between each log siding piece. Stain or paint can also give log siding a non-traditional look that may appeal to homeowners with a taste for more modern design.

The beauty that log siding adds to a modular home combined with lower energy bills and increased home value makes adding log siding inside and out pay off year after year. Take a look at our log siding and log paneling options. Heartwood Mills log siding experts are available to help you select the right materials for your job as well as make design recommendations. Give us a call if you need assistance on a specific project or would just like more information about using log siding for modular home improvement projects.