Beveled, Board & Baton and More: Alternative Log Siding Options

Beveled log sidingLog siding comes in almost as many varieties as trees. And just like the trees that log siding is made from, all the different options have their own unique characteristics that will impact the look and feel of a home. Does your client want a traditional log home? Beveled siding may be the route go. Building something sleek and modern? Consider board and baton log siding. This quick rundown of the different types of log siding will help you make the best choice for your clients’ tastes.

Beveled Siding

If you’re going for the look of a traditional log home, beveled log siding is the ticket. This log siding type is sawed at an angle so that one side is thicker than the other. It is typically installed with overlapping tapered pieces, which creates an attractive texture that is highly efficient at shedding water.

Hand Hewn Log Siding

Hand hewn log siding is a classic choice that has a rustic hand-peeled look. Because each board is hewn slightly different, this type of siding is the best choice if you’re going for that traditional log cabin style.

Board and Baton Siding

Board and baton log siding is a great choice to add distinct visual appeal to a home. This type of log siding alternates wide vertical boards with narrow strips called batons to join the seams of the boards. Board and Baton siding is easy to maintain since individual boards can be replaced as needed due to wear and tear over time.

Cedar Shake

A great way to add charm to a home is with cedar shake siding. The boards are hand split, which means that every piece has a unique and rugged texture. This type of siding works well for cottage or cabin style homes.

Live Edge Siding

If you are looking for a more specialized look, live edge siding might be what you’re looking for. Sometimes referred to as “wavy edge,” the boards are not cut straight on one side and the edges show the natural curves of the tree. Depending on your design, the bark can be left on or stripped off.

Each type of log siding provides unique characteristics that will make the homes you build special and distinctive to their owners. Heartwood Mills manufacturers all the varieties of log siding you need to achieve any look you can imagine. Contact our experts to learn more about which log siding products are best for your project.