5 Ways to Incorporate Wood as a Design Feature in Your Home

Wood is a staple element of home design. It’s such a diverse product that is easy to work with, is widely available, and can enhance any space with its natural beauty. Adding wood as a design feature in your home can help you achieve structural and artistic expression, comfortable yet elegant functionality, and a means of highlighting elements of your home’s or family’s history.

1. Wooden Doors


A unique wood door can add style and sophistication to your home. One of the hottest trends right now is interior barn doors. These doors slide on rails and can add separation to a space where a traditional door may not be practical. French doors are an elegant way to bring in natural light. A wooden front door can make a big impact on the look and feel of your home’s entryway, and wooden barn doors can vastly increase your home’s curb appeal (and home value).

 2. Mantel


One of the easiest ways to incorporate wood into your home is by adding a wooden mantel to your fireplace. Set against brick or stone, a floating wooden mantel can transform your fireplace into cozy, finished look.

3. Wood Feature Wall


If you want to add a creative design element to your home, consider installing a wood feature wall. This type of design feature can be used to brighten up your entryway, add a touch of coziness to your bedroom, or add a focal point to a living room or dining room. Stain the wood for a more natural look, or paint the wooden planks in bright colors for more impact. The boards can be placed vertically or horizontally, or you can use square wood panels. Have fun with the design and great creative!

4. Furniture

Wood furniture can be incorporated into nearly any design style. If your style is Mid-Century Modern, incorporate natural wood pieces that are elegant and minimalist. Achieve a Scandinavian design with pieces that feature the wood’s natural grain or softly curved wood furniture painted white or other natural tones. Get the look of a Traditional design by incorporating pieces with deep wood tones, including wood-backed chairs, claw-footed tables, and elegantly curved pieces.

5. Wood Trim


Incorporating wood trim will give your home a finished look and can be used to highlight the architectural features of your home. A popular trend is to include interior trim around doors and windows. Wooden ceiling beams can add a greater sense of height to your ceilings and add a touch of charm. Exterior trim can be installed around doors and windows to add a nice ornamental touch as well as increase your home’s energy efficiency by adding a layer of wind and weather protection.

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