Heartwood Mills has perfected one of the industry’s best insulated, engineered wall systems as a cost effective choice over that of a ‘pioneer style’ stacked log or timber home wall system. As of 2009, stacked wall systems do not meet current energy codes, making the Heartwood Mills engineered log or timber home wall system the obvious choice. Keep in mind that the exterior and interior appearance of a log lodge style or tree length log style home, formed with Heartwood Mills’s engineered wall system, is very nearly identical to that of a stacked log home. Consider these key factors when choosing between engineered wall systems and stacked wall systems.

Engineered Wall Systems Requires Less Overall Maintenance

Heartwood Mills’s insulated, engineered wall system will never have the problems associated with stacked weight settling. Stacked whole log homes are just that — stacked logs that move over time and require continual maintenance as a result of home settling. In combination with our Northern White Cedar wall finishes which are kiln dried down to 8 – 10% EMC, the entire wall is extremely stable and won’t shrink or crack. Whole logs used in stacked wall systems cannot be completely kiln dried. Thus, changing temperatures and moisture levels can cause seasonal shrinking and expanding in whole log homes. Using our tongue & groove, end-matched log siding provides a tight fit and does not require chinking. Chinking on a whole log home is there for a reason: to prevent air infiltration. Chinking requires regular review for worn, cracked or chipped areas and must be repaired immediately. In addition, chinking must be taped off during re-staining of the logs, requiring additional charges from your staining contractor.

Engineered Wall Systems Requires Less Initial Cost for Construction

Heartwood Mills’s insulated, engineered log wall systems are a variation of conventional wall construction techniques. This system allows wiring, plumbing and duct work to be run easily in the interior and exterior walls. Whole log construction does not easily allow for mechanical system wiring and adds additional cost to construction. In addition, changes, additions or repairs in some whole log homes can be very damaging to the structure, as well as costly. Construction costs for engineered log wall systems are also less, as expensive daily crane rentals for erection is minimized. In engineered log wall systems, cranes are only necessary for the truss work. Whole log construction requires a crane on site throughout the construction process – a costly proposition spanning considerable periods of time.

Engineered Wall Systems Requires Less Design Expense

The Heartwood Mills engineered wall system can accommodate expanded architectural & design capability over a stacked whole log system. For example, an engineered wall system requires no design restrictions for doorways & windows — or any area of the home for that matter – while stacked logs require special engineering and design for structural integrity. Over time, modifications, additions or remodeling of an engineered wall system is no more complicated than conventionally structured and drywalled homes. Further, with engineered wall systems, you can choose whatever interior wall treatment or finish you desire. You are not limited to just log finishes. Homeowners appreciate having the option to install drywall, custom tiling, wallpaper or other unique finishes to suite their decor.

Engineered Wall Systems Maintain or Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

The insulated, Engineered Log Wall System offered by Heartwood Mills Cedar Homes meets or exceeds all current energy codes. This system is considered one of the most energy efficient log home styles of today.

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