Scribed log trusses are an important structural component of any building. They serve as a core support system, taking with weight of the roof and distributing it to a building’s load-bearing walls. But just because something is a structural necessity, that doesn’t mean it can’t have style.

Scribed log trusses built by Heartwood Mills’ fine craftsmen add a “wow” factor to any log home, timber frame home or commericial building. Exposed trusses can be a focal point in an interior room, drawing the eye up to expansive, high ceilings. They also can be incorporated into exterior design, adding architectural interest and an authentic log-home look to a front porch.  

Expert Craftsmanship

Our scribed log trusses are handcrafted by woodworkers with decades of experience. Before each log truss is hand-scribed and engineered to ensure structural integrity, logs are inspected to confirm that they meet engineering and quality requirements. Selected logs then rough peel and dry for 6 – 12 months before they are inspected a second time as with BOCA building codes. Once approved, the logs are hand-scribed and assembled into a truss, which takes 40 – 50 man-hours to complete. Finally, they are peeled one last time before being wrapped and shipped from our workshop.

Custom Designs

We specialize in building custom trusses that are structural, decorative or both. Our scribed log trusses can be crafted to your specifications from Northern White Cedar or White Spruce. Provide your room size and snow load requirements, and we will engineer scribed log trusses that will make your log home or building a true work of art.

All of our scribed log trusses leave our workshop wrapped and ready for installation and staining. Each component is marked for simple reassembly at your job site to ensure you get the right fit and finish.   

Heartwood Mills’ craftsmen will work with you to bring your truss designs to life or will design something truly unique to add stability and beauty to your next project. Let’s talk about your specific needs.

FINISHED SIZE: Structural trusses will be sized per individual engineered specs. Decorative trusses are by design.

SPECIES: White Spruce and Northern White Cedar

APPLICATIONS: Interior or exterior

1×6 Beveled Baseboard with Eased Edge

  • Baseboard trim can be used with our paneling products or as an accent on drywall
  • Interior use

Finished sizes: 3/4″ x 3″ x 8′ or 3/4″ x 5″ x 8′