5 Wood Wall Treatments for Log and Timber Frame Homes

These days, homeowners are trying out more than paint chips to add style to the interior walls of their homes. One popular trend is to create wood wall treatments out of everything from reclaimed barnwood and deconstructed pallets to faux-wood products like ceramic tile. And of course, there is the wildly popular shiplap — perhaps the biggest wood wall treatment trend made popular by Fixer Upper’s Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Log and timber frame homeowners have always been ahead of this trend, choosing to put wood on display inside their homes rather than hide it behind plaster or drywall. Wood building products can be used in interesting ways on the walls of log and timber frame homes. The next time a homeowner looks to you for design advice, suggest some — or all — of these treatments to add style, warmth, beauty, texture, and tons of character to the walls of their new home.

1.  Northern White Cedar and Pine Log Siding

There is no rule stating that log siding is strictly for outdoor applications. Add it to interior rooms to create an authentic lodge or log cabin look. Northern White Cedar and Pine log siding are beautiful when left their natural colors (keep Pine as-is to show off its signature knots), but they also take paint and stain well, making them a versatile material to decorate with. Mount the siding horizontally, vertically or even diagonally. Choose to install the siding tightly together or add visible chinking or plaster between each piece for a more rustic appearance.

2.  Board & Batten

Many log and timber frame homeowners add pattern to the exterior of their homes with board and batten wood siding — a look created by alternating wide and narrow vertical planks of wood. But again, there’s no rule that this treatment is only applicable outdoors. Install it on interior walls to add a touch of cottage charm.

3.  Northern White Cedar and White Pine Paneling

When you hear the word paneling, do you picture the dark sheets that used to hang on the walls of your basement growing up? Think again. Northern White Cedar and White Pine paneling make a home feel warm and cozy rather than dark and dated. Mount it to a wall any which way you choose — vertical, horizontal, on the diagonal, or even in a pattern like herringbone. Use it on every wall, or just as an accent. Stain each piece of paneling a different shade to create variation, or leave it as-is and add sealer. The design opportunities are endless.

4.  Beadboard

Nothing adds country charm to a home like wrapping the walls in beadboard (vertical rows of thin wood planks separated by a ridge, a.k.a, a bead). This look is truly timeless and has been around for decades, so you know it will never go out of style. Suggest cladding an entire wall or installing beadboard half to two-thirds of the way up to create wainscoting.

5.  Wall Molding and Millwork

Something as simple as a piece of wood trim can transform a plain wall with pattern. If you’re working with a homeowner who isn’t afraid to get creative, suggest mounting trim to the walls in their log home to create small squares; large, floor-to-ceiling rectangles; or even a diamond pattern. Stain the trim pieces a different color to make them stand out, or blend them in by painting or staining them the same color as the wall. These patterned walls can stand on their own, or they can showcase a homeowner’s special décor, such as an art collection.

At Heartwood Mills, we mill and carry many wood building products that can be used to create designer wall treatments. Contact our experts to learn what’s available and get advice for how to use those products in creative ways inside your next log or timber frame home project.