Do you have woods or timber with mature trees in Northern Michigan that are ready to harvest? Heartwood Mills buys standing timber and offers competitive prices for quality trees. We respect your woodlands and follow logging best practices that preserve, conserve, and protect your land and timber while maximizing your property.

When we harvest standing timber, we use logging practices that ensure new flex-growth of high value trees so that you have the option to harvest again.

Want to Know the Value of Your Standing Timber? Request an Appraisal.

We will come to your land, assess your trees, and provide an appraisal of your timber at no cost and with no obligation.

The Timber Buying Process

We will come to your land, assess your trees, and provide an appraisal of your timber at no cost and with no obligation.


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We’ll come to your
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Our team of expert
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Our Services


Timber Stand Improvement

Your forest can provide financial value for generations if harvested and cared for properly. Timber stand improvement (TSI) ensures that standing timber is harvested in a sustainable way. We use logging practices that ensure new growth of healthy, high value trees, including removing diseased, deformed and dead trees, so that you can harvest on a continuous ten-year cycle.


Logging, Select Cuts & Timber Sales

Our experienced professional loggers will respect your trees and property, skillfully logging the trees selected during your appraisal for harvest. We offer competitive prices for your timber that we will cut, dry and plane into log siding, log paneling and other milled hardwood building products.


Hardwood Forest Thinning

Thinning shapes your forest and helps ensure healthy growth for years to come by providing growing space for crop trees to mature. Our professional loggers can assess your forest and responsibly remove diseased, lower quality and dead trees to promote the growth of higher value trees.

Do You Have Any of These Hardwood Trees on Your Property? We’d Like to Buy Them!

• Northern White Cedar Trees
• White Pine Trees
• Aspen Trees
• Hard Maple Trees
• Soft Maple Trees
• Red Oak Trees
• Ash Trees
• Cherry Trees

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