Tips to Ensure Your Log Home is Energy Efficient

Are you in the midst of the exciting process of building a new log home or retrofitting your beloved mature one? Heartwood Mills wants to assist in this process by offering a valuable list of pointers for guaranteeing your home utilizes energy in the most resourceful and economical way possible.

Energy codes and construction methods of the recent decade have propelled energy saving measures, resulting in a minimized impact on the environment and maximized savings for your wallet. However, as responsible home builders and owners, we would be remiss if we did not make ourselves familiar with these energy saving measures. When constructing that brand new log home of yours, it would be wise to consider the following options and approaches to energy efficiency.

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5 Ways to Incorporate Wood as a Design Feature in Your Home

Wood is a staple element of home design. It’s such a diverse product that is easy to work with, is widely available, and can enhance any space with its natural beauty. Adding wood as a design feature in your home can help you achieve structural and artistic expression, comfortable yet elegant functionality, and a means of highlighting elements of your home’s or family’s history.

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Real Estate Trends that Will Affect the Housing Market in 2016

It has been nearly a decade since the real estate bubble burst, and we are finally beginning to return to a state of more balanced normalcy. Economists are predicting that the economy will continue to see strong growth in 2016. This year’s housing market is likely going to be strong as well. Here are four trends that will significantly impact the 2016 housing market.
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Log Home Spring Cleaning Tips

Finally, the snow has started to melt and the sun has begin to show its face a little more regularly. The warm weather is coming and it’s time to start thinking about engaging in some major spring cleaning to clear out those winter cobwebs and dust.While spring cleaning is often the same from house to house, it is a little different when it comes to your log home. There are a few extra things to consider and focus on. Here is a complete checklist of what needs to be done to fully spring clean your log cabin.
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Winterizing a Log Home

For homeowners with a second home, winterizing is a fundamental part of saying farewell to a log home or timber frame home for the long winter months. Although log cabins or log homes might be cozy little getaways, they still represent a large investment for any family. Proper winterizing techniques should be followed in order to ensure that the log home is not damaged while it is vacant. The last thing you want when you return to your log home in warmer months is extreme damage from the cold.
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