A conventionally framed great room with pre-existing drywall ceiling can be refinished using decorative log purlins cut to exact lengths and affixed to the ceiling. Begin by determining the location and direction of your ceiling rafters. The length of the decorative purlin will be installed in the opposite direction of the rafters and perpendicular to the Tongue & Groove (T&G) cedar paneling. The T&G paneling will run paralell to the rafters and is affixed to the ceiling before installing the purlins or crown molding trim. Roof system blocking between ceiling rafters may be required to support the weight of your refinishing products. Specific advice on the need for blocking in your application is available at no charge from our Sales Consultants. Measure and write down the exact interior dimensions of the ceiling.

Determine spacing of purlins. In a structural application, spacing is typically 4 ft. on center. For cost savings use a 5 ft. on center spacing between purlins, perhaps eliminating the need to purchase 1 or 2 additional purlins depending on room size. In decorative applications, the spacing is based more on aesthetics.

Apply all layers of stain to all products before cutting. Touch up of stained products can be completed after product installation.

Affix easily installed Tongue & Groove (T&G) Cedar End-Match Paneling or Bead Board Paneling to your ceiling, depending on the desired style. Install T&G paneling perpendicular to (opposite direction of) ceiling rafters. For the best finished look, install a crown molding style trim piece of hand-hewn cedar in a depth matching your purlins’ maximum log diameter around the entire interior perimeter of the room where all ceiling paneling is affixed.

Install decorative purlins using lag bolts thru the purlin (log) and into the ceiling rafters. Town & Country recommends utilization of a six inch diameter “Top Log” purlin. (”Top Log” diameter is the smallest diam. of the top of the tree/log, rather than the larger log diameter found at the lowest point of the tree trunk.) Purchase purlins of either Spruce (for longer lengths) or Northern White Cedar (for lengths less than 8 – 10 ft.). Town & Country Cedar Products will prepare your log purlins with an S1S “Sawed on One Side” finish for easier installation. The S1S finish creates a 3 in. flat area on one side of each purlin for placement against the T&G ceiling paneling. It is a good idea to order decorative log purlins slightly longer than needed (6 – 12 in.). This allows for on site trimming and fitting to very specific lengths, providing a tight fit and and avoiding excessive gapping at the wall/purlin connection, which sometimes can appear over time.

The weight of the purlin will determine the spacing of the Lag Bolts. Lag Bolts of approximately 1/2 in. diam. x 8 – 10 in. long are utilized depending on the diameter of your log purlins and rafters. Lag Bolts are affixed near each purlin end and also at least every 3 – 4 ft. down the length of each purlin. Drill Lag Bolt holes in advance on all purlins from the S1S side of the log, spacing at the identical intervals on all purlins for a uniform ceiling appearance. Lag Bolt Holes should be counter sunk approximately 1-1/2 in. using a 1-1/2 or 2 in. diameter circular hole saw drill blade. Chisel out the plug. Hole plugs, also available from Town & Country Cedar Products, can be affixed to cover the bolt opening after the purlin is installed. Hole Plugs can be sanded down to be flush with the purlin surface presenting a smooth finish, or they can be left to protrude for a more rustic look. Apply touch up stain when project is completed.

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