Producing the perfect milled wood products

The machining phase of our milling operation is done by a custom one-of-a-kind production line that was designed and installed by Heartwood Mills to ensure error-free milled wood building products at the lowest possible cost. This is where all the previous efforts of harvesting, sawing and kiln-drying come together. The wood is shaped to provide the size and profile of the various log siding and paneling products and to add the final character to each piece.

Product Line operations

molderCritical to this phase is the ability of the people involved to meet the exact standards required by the builder and the construction process, yet maintain a natural log home look at an affordable cost to our customers.




defectingAfter the kiln-dried White Cedar cants have been machined into the log siding or paneling profiles we are running, the next step is defecting. This is done by hand to ensure each piece of finished log siding meets our grading standard.




end-matchingThe next phase in our cycle is end-matching the wood. The machine puts tongue-and-grooves on the ends of each piece. This gives you 100% usable material and faster installation. No longer do you have to be concerned with nailing into your studs. Builders have found that end-matched log siding saves them approximately 20% in labor and ensures a superior finished product.




sanderIf we are running log siding, the end-matched product is passed through our peeling line. We have three large custom peeling machines with multiple settings, so no matter what size of log siding we are running we can achieve the best look available in the industry as cost efficiently as possible.




peelingOur peeling machines increase our capacity and lower your cost.





final-gradingThe last step in the production process is a final grading, review and stacking.





stackingThis completes the transformation from kiln-dried rough sawn lumber to finished siding or paneling products.





computer2Hand crafting has now been combined with 21st century technology to efficiently produce wood building materials. Our production line is available for tours. Contact us to schedule your guided tour. And be sure to Check out our virtual mill tour.




Nothing is wasted

The sawdust and shavings from our production line is blown into a silo and collected to be used for horse and dog bedding. Horse farms and kennels like our White Cedar bi-products because they repel fleas and ticks. In addition, the production building is heated in the winter from excess steam from our kilns piped underground. Our goal is to keep our manufacturing and your costs to a minimum.

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