The Partnership Advantage: Grow Your Business Without Lifting a Finger

In the 70 years Heartwood Mills has been in business, we’ve worked with a lot of log and timber frame home builders, contractors and architects. It’s always a pleasure to help builders exceed their clients’ expectations by providing custom design services, crafting specialized elements like log trusses and timber trusses, and supplying high quality log siding and other wood building materials. The Heartwood Mills Design-Build Partner Program is the result of these collaborations and our way of being even better partners to the building community.

The Heartwood Mills Design-Build Partner Program provides builders and contractors with a simple way to offer clients more comprehensive, turnkey service without adding to their overhead. As a Design-Build Partner, your firm will have access to Heartwood Mills’ database of home plans, our exceptional architectural design and engineering services, and competitive rates on building materials. You can leverage our behind-the-scenes experience and expertise to expand your company’s capabilities and grow your business.

One of the biggest advantages of being a Design-Build Partner is to provide the expertise and manpower to design and fulfill the custom log home building process for your clients. Rather than making clients coordinate architects, designers, builders, and suppliers, and deal with all those hassles, your firm can be the only one they need to work with during the custom home building process. Heartwood Mills will provide the floorplans; design customization to meet each client’s building site, lifestyle and budget; and materials while your team focuses on your core service — on site construction and project management. The process is completely seamless for the customer and makes building a custom log home or timber frame home as stress-free as possible.

Being a Heartwood Mills Design-Build Partner is a simple way to set your company apart from other builders and contractors in your area. You’ll be able to offer customers an all-inclusive custom log home and timber frame building solution — from initial ideas to fully built dream homes. In today’s busy world, being a one-stop-shop is a huge competitive advantage.

Heartwood Mills carefully selects Design-Build Partners to ensure our services will complement and enhance what you already do. Only one partner is chosen per area so that you enjoy the benefits of exclusivity. The Heartwood Mills Design-Build Partner Program will increase your market presence, expand your product offerings, and increase revenue with no additional investment in staff. To begin a conversation about becoming a Heartwood Mills Design-Build Partner, get in touch.

Learn more about the Heartwood Mills Design-Build Partner Program. Download our information sheet.