6 Rooms Begging for Log Siding or Wood Paneling

log paneling In past posts, we’ve discussed the different types of log siding and wood paneling products that can be used inside log and timber frame homes. We’ve even offered advice on unconventional surfaces on which to hang them.

Now it’s time to explore where in a home to hang log siding and wood paneling. What rooms does it work best in? For many log and timber frame homeowners, the answer is easy: Any room! And for good reason. Log siding and wood paneling products are a relatively simple way to achieve a lodge look without much work. These products are easy to install and maintain. The wood can be painted or stained to match any style. Plus, they’re less expensive than building walls from full stacked logs.

Here are some popular ways we’ve seen homeowners incorporate log siding and wood paneling products into different rooms in their homes. Suggest these to clients who are looking for ideas and inspiration when designing and building their homes.

1. Theater Rooms

These are popular floorplan additions for homeowners who want their homes to feel like a secluded retreat, but don’t want to sacrifice some of the conveniences of living close to town. Nothing makes a movie night cozier than walls wrapped in rich, dark wood — not to mention this helps with sound insulation. Suggest switching up materials, such as installing

2. Basements

Subterranean rooms can sometimes seem cold and unwelcoming. Homeowners can add instant warmth with wood walls wrapped in a material like White Pine paneling. Its signature knots add character to blank spaces, and it’s a relatively inexpensive material, making it a great choice for large areas such as basements. Add a wet bar, a billiard table and big screen, and you’ve got an instant “man cave” the whole family will want to retreat to.

3. Screen Porches

Cedar shake adds outdoor charm to a simple screen porch or sunroom. This is a great room to add siding to if it’s exposed to the elements in any way. Not only does cedar shake have a natural resistance to mold, mildew and rot, it’s also naturally impervious to pests. Harsh sunlight, moisture and temperatures also are no match for this wood, making it perfect in indoor/outdoor spaces.

4. Bathrooms

Wet rooms don’t have to be covered in tile. Many wood building products are just as tough! Take beadboard, which features vertical wood planks separated by a ridge, better known as a bead. It’s been used in bathrooms for decades as wainscoting that covers the lower portion of the wall. This paneling takes paint and stain well, so coat the surface with a semi-gloss sheen or one specially formulated for bathrooms to protect the surface against humidity and moisture.

5. Hallways

You can infuse style anywhere in a home — even a narrow hallway. Line the bottom half of the wall with horizontal White Pine log siding or wood paneling — the lighter color could help it appear larger. Or, add vertical rows of board and batten. Depending on the direction the wood is hung, the straight lines can create the illusion of a longer hallway or taller ceilings.

6. Indoor Pools and Saunas

Heartwood Mills offers a variety of quality log siding and wood paneling products for indoor and outdoor applications in log and timber frame homes. Contact our experts to discuss what’s available and ways to incorporate it into your next project.