3 Ways to Cut Costs While Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Even on big projects budgets are always tight and margins are generally slim. Homeowners want top quality products and master craftsmanship as cost effectively as possible. That can be a tough line to walk. Here are three ways many of the builders we work with have found to decrease costs and increase margins while providing top of the line building products to your clients.

  1. Buy your wood building products mill direct. Building supply centers and other distributors buy wood products from mills and then resell them for a profit. But you don’t have to pay the premium. You can buy straight from Heartwood Mills and benefit from lower mill-direct prices. Mill-direct pricing will enable you to provide more to clients for less while still protecting your margins. Receive even more competitive pricing by becoming a Heartwood Mills Design-Build Partner. As a Design-Build partner you’ll enjoy additional cost savings on building materials from log siding and trim to doors and railings.
  2. Bundle design services with your build. Offering additional services means more revenue, especially when it doesn’t require additional staff or even much of your time to provide the new services. Heartwood Mills offers an extensive collection of homeplans that you can offer your clients. Build exactly to plan, or enlist the help of the Heartwood Mills Design Team to work with your clients to modify an existing log home plan or design a custom log or timber frame home from the ground up.
  3. Offer homeowners specialty architectural elements. It’s the unique elements and touches that make an ordinary house a piece of art. Homeowners are looking for ways to make a statement in their home design that showcases their lifestyle and personality. Custom trusses, railings, doors, staircases, and mantels are just a few architectural elements that can set a home apart.

Our craftsmen can work with you to design truly stunning features – picture a massive scribed truss soaring high above a great room or intricate twig railings that make a patio or deck blend naturally into a home’s surroundings. If you can dream it, we can design and craft it. And if you need inspiration or ideas, we can help with those too. Offering clients these types of specialty products will set your company apart and give you a reputation for building one-of-a-kind homes.

Getting specialty products straight from the craftsman and the mill who produces the wood makes these coveted architectural elements much more affordable for you and your clients.

At Heartwood Mills, our passion is wood. We want to make sure quality builders have access to quality products at the best prices possible so that you can make your clients happy and grow your business. Get in touch for a quote on wood building products for your next job. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the difference in cost between us and building supply centers.

If you’d like to learn about the benefits of becoming a Heartwood Mills Design-Build Partner, including additional discounts on our full catalog of products, take a look at Heartwood Mills Design-Build Partner Program information sheet.