What’s the Difference Between White Cedar and Red Cedar Log Siding?

Northern White Cedar SidingAt first glance, it may be difficult to spot the differences between Northern White Cedar and Western Red Cedar log siding. Both have that spicy aroma that inspires cedar-lined closets, attics and trunks. Both have a similar face grain. And both are trusted for interior and exterior building thanks to their durability and natural resistance to decay and insect damage.

But take a closer look to compare these two wood species for log siding, and you’ll see that though both are great choices, there are notable differences.

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Log Siding Adds Texture and Personality to Inside Spaces

Interior log sidingLog siding can transform any space into a warm, cozy log cabin-feel at a fraction of the price of a traditional stacked log home. There are many ways to use log siding on interior walls to create the design of your client’s dreams. Here are some tips for selecting the right log sizes, textures, and colors for your project.


When selecting the sizes and textures of log siding, be sure to choose products that will complement the home design. The most popular sizes of log siding are half log and quarter log. Half log siding is 3” thick and has a more rounded face than quarter log. This size is best for achieving a true log home look indoors and will add lots of natural architectural appeal to any room. Quarter log siding is 2” thick and has a slightly rounded face. This option offers design versatility and allows homeowners to more easily hang artwork to decorate their log or timber frame home.

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4 Reasons to Buy Your Wood Building Products Direct From a Mill

mill-direct log sidingWhen buying wood products like log siding, log paneling or doors for a new home build or a remodel, you have choices in where you get your materials. You can purchase from a supplier that buys wood products from mills or distributors and resells them for profit, or you can buy directly from a mill that manufactures the products it sells. Here are four reasons to consider buying mill-direct when purchasing wood building products. Read more

Tough Choice: Northern White Cedar or Pine Log Siding

log siding homeWith the many options of log siding products available it can be difficult to narrow down which type of wood is the best one for your project. Northern White Cedar has long been considered one of the best materials for many building projects. In fact, it’s our personal preference. But Pine log siding is another popular choice. Let’s take a look at the benefits of both log siding products. Read more

Convert Your Conventional Frame Home Into a Log Home With Log Siding

Take a look at this home.

It looks like a beautiful log home. If you were to visit it, it would even feel like a log home. But it’s not … at least not in the traditional sense. Instead, this is a conventional frame home that was converted to a log home with log siding. If you want the look of a log home but want to avoid the unique challenges of stacked log walls, then a hybrid remodel may be the answer for you. Read more

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