5 Unexpected Interior Applications for Log Siding and Wood Paneling

Interior log sidingWho says log siding is only for the outside of a home? Last month, we wrote about ways to dress up the walls of log and timber frame homes with wood siding and paneling products.

Maybe this sounds a little “off the wall,” but why stop there? Northern White Cedar and Pine log siding and paneling are just too beautiful to restrict to walls. If you’re working with a homeowner who wants to incorporate more wood into their log or timber frame home, share these ideas for ways to install wood on a number of indoor surfaces.

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5 Common Questions About End-Matched Wood, Answered

End-matched log siding, paneling and flooring has been available for decades. Yet, many log home builders forgo this easier and more efficient wood building product in favor of traditional non-end-matched products they are more familiar with.

What’s holding home builders back from using these convenient pieces of lumber that have been double-end trimmed and precision milled with tongue-and-groove fittings for simple installation? It’s been our experience that many builders have a specific set of questions about how these products will affect the building process — and we’re happy to answer them.

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Log Siding Delivers Style & Value to Modular Home Remodels

Like all homeowners, modular homeowners are interested in improvements and that increase the value of their homes as well as curb appeal. Often, due to their affordability and quick construction, modular homes lack the details and finishes of traditionally built homes. Adding log siding to a modular home exterior is a simple way to dramatically change the appearance of a modular home, turning it from drab to “wow.”

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5 Wood Wall Treatments for Log and Timber Frame Homes

These days, homeowners are trying out more than paint chips to add style to the interior walls of their homes. One popular trend is to create wood wall treatments out of everything from reclaimed barnwood and deconstructed pallets to faux-wood products like ceramic tile. And of course, there is the wildly popular shiplap — perhaps the biggest wood wall treatment trend made popular by Fixer Upper’s Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Log and timber frame homeowners have always been ahead of this trend, choosing to put wood on display inside their homes rather than hide it behind plaster or drywall. Wood building products can be used in interesting ways on the walls of log and timber frame homes. The next time a homeowner looks to you for design advice, suggest some — or all — of these treatments to add style, warmth, beauty, texture, and tons of character to the walls of their new home.

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3 Ways to Cut Costs While Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Even on big projects budgets are always tight and margins are generally slim. Homeowners want top quality products and master craftsmanship as cost effectively as possible. That can be a tough line to walk. Here are three ways many of the builders we work with have found to decrease costs and increase margins while providing top of the line building products to your clients.

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