Make a Design Statement That Leaves Them Speechless with Truss Systems

scribed log trussesImagine walking into your client’s dream log or timber home. What do you see inside? Maybe a large fieldstone fireplace. Perhaps a wall of panoramic windows with mountain or lake views. Most certainly an open staircase leading to an upstairs loft.

Keep moving your eyes up. What do the ceilings look like? In addition to these hallmark log and timber home elements, many homeowners request vaulted ceilings complete with dramatic log or timber truss systems.

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Specialty Architectural Elements Make You and the Homes You Build Stand Out

Who doesn’t want to impress their customers? You want to wrap up a job and know that you’re leaving your clients amazed by your craftsmanship, service and quality. So amazed that they’ll refer you to everyone who walks into their stunning home!

Designing and crafting unique architectural elements is one way your company can stand out from your average builder or contractor. A soaring scribed or timber truss changes an ordinary living room to something spectacular. An elaborate pergola or gazebo transforms outdoor space into the best seat in the house. Hand carved stair railings and gates add that special touch that makes a home a true work of art.

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Searching for Alternatives to Red Cedar? Northern White Cedar is the Best Solution

Recent tariff discussions on lumber coming out of Canada, along with concern over the limited domestic supply, are causing the price of Western Red Cedar to increase at a dizzying rate. About 85 percent of all Western Red Cedar comes from Canada, and in the last six weeks alone the price has risen nearly 40 percent.

If you’ve already spec’d Western Red Cedar for a building project, Northern White Cedar is a simple substitution that offers the same exceptional beauty, durability, and sustainability for much less than Western Red Cedar because it’s harvested and milled right here in the United States. Here are just a few of the reasons why more and more architects and builders are choosing Northern White Cedar as their timber of choice, right from the start of a project.

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7 Deck Trends for 2017

Homeowners are placing more and more value on their outdoor spaces these days. Decks aren’t just an afterthought, but part of the home itself. This is especially true for log home and timber frame homeowners, who often want to make their homes one with nature — not an escape from the outdoors.

Homeowners are asking contractors to build decks bigger and better, and often look to them as experts for deck design. Here are a few deck building trends we’re seeing in 2017. Keep them in mind when consulting with homeowners about deck projects.

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The Partnership Advantage: Grow Your Business Without Lifting a Finger

In the 70 years Heartwood Mills has been in business, we’ve worked with a lot of log and timber frame home builders, contractors and architects. It’s always a pleasure to help builders exceed their clients’ expectations by providing custom design services, crafting specialized elements like log trusses and timber trusses, and supplying high quality log siding and other wood building materials. The Heartwood Mills Design-Build Partner Program is the result of these collaborations and our way of being even better partners to the building community.

The Heartwood Mills Design-Build Partner Program provides builders and contractors with a simple way to offer clients more comprehensive, turnkey service without adding to their overhead. As a Design-Build Partner, your firm will have access to Heartwood Mills’ database of home plans, our exceptional architectural design and engineering services, and competitive rates on building materials. You can leverage our behind-the-scenes experience and expertise to expand your company’s capabilities and grow your business.

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